On the one hand “St. Joseph’s College” usually conjures up images of a Division I basketball team or a liberal arts college in Maine. On the other, if you ask a Catholic resident of Northwest Indiana what is the only Catholic college in the Diocese of Lafayette, they’ll probably stop to wonder in which diocese is the school with a famous football team.

So it is that many prospective students miss out on a chance to investigate a liberal arts school featuring small class sizes, a strong core curriculum culminating in a vision of Christian Humanism, and full of opportunities for nurturing a life of faith.

Are you looking for a Catholic school? We have a convenient daily mass at 11:30am, a Sunday evening mass popular with students, ample opportunities for sacramental confession, many popular retreats every year, and lots of service opportunities, such as with a food bank, Habitat for Humanity, and for Covenant House. (As you can see, these are great opportunities for non-Catholics, too.)

The College was founded by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, whose priests and brothers continue to faithfully teach and serve. If one expressed their charism in one word, it would be “mercy.” In this year of mercy and in the midst of a world crying out for healing, it would be worth your while to google this order founded by Saint Gaspar del Bufalo. Learn more about what impels its members to give their lives to service of the Church and in ministries such as Saint Joseph’s College.

I still haven’t mentioned things like the great majors we have. I teach mathematics, which prepares a student for any of a variety of career options: graduate school for math, law school, actuary science, business, and teaching are just a few of your options. To randomly pick another major: biology  is popular. Besides the usual paths to medical school or things like wildlife biology, we also have a wonderful forensics program with a strong tradition in forensic entomology, in particular.

The moral of the story is that if you want to be educated to be a free person in the liberal arts tradition, grow in your faith life, learn from professors who care, and become prepared for worthwhile and enjoyable careers, you should pay a visit to Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana.